Bible Study

2020 - 2021

Knox Presbyterian Church Women’s Monthly Bible Study  Schedule

Women's Bible Study resumes 

on Sunday, September 20th 

at 1:30 on Zoom


Seeking God's Truth

Date 3rd Fri or Sat @month

Location -TBD

*During Covid-19 Restrictions meetings will  be  virtual until further notice.

Text :Serendipity Bible topics

Page M12 WOMEN- Being Godly Women,

OPTION 2: Advanced ´Pages 879 - 1684


SEPTEMBER 2020    Seeking God’s Truth—Sept 23, 2020 Joint virtual meeting at 1:30 pm


OCTOBER 2020        Using my Gifts 

NOVEMBER 2020    Caring for others

Page M17 SINGLES - Keeping It Together When It’s Falling Apart

OPTION 2: Advanced ´Pages 1627 - 1641

DECEMBER 2020     Making my living

JANUARY 2021         Coping with Crisis

FEBRUARY 2021       Dealing w/Health

MARCH 2021            Manage my Finances

APRIL 2021                Deal w/ Family Issues

MAY 2021                  Handling Emotions