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This will be the Third Sunday after Easter this week.  How time flies!  Jesus has gone, but he has returned on at least two occasions.  Those early disciples are trying to find their footing while experiencing a whole raft of emotions that we recognize as being part of grief.  The small enclave of “Christians” (they aren’t really called that yet) is growing incrementally and that is generating some enthusiasm, but feelings of gratitude and thanksgiving are minimal.  Just the same, our texts for this week (Psalm 40 and 1 John 3:1-3) are very forward looking and encourage them (and by default us) to approach life without the physical presence of Christ with “Grateful Hearts.”  It is a tall order, but this rag-tag band of evangelists will muster all the courage they can and set about to do the bidding Jesus called them to do.  And we have an invitation to join them, both with grateful hearts and with words of invitation and hope for others to join us on this amazing journey.     

Pastor Ann

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